Pain shouldn't
control your life.

The Piranty Rye Institute was founded on the principle of Integrative Health Care which seeks to bring back the focus of medicine on health and healing rather than disease and treatment! The decision you make today could dictate your "Quality of Life" for the rest of your Life!

Donald Piranty  LMT

Certified MyoKinesthetic Practitioner

I am an Integrative Pain Relief Specialist (Body Mechanic) practicing in Fayetteville, NW Arkansas, I have been helping people find long term, permanent solutions to their ailments for over 20 years.

What is the Myokinesthetic System? Unique and Revolutionary

This is simply the most unique and revolutionary system and there is nothing else like it. The MyoKinesthetic System is the result of more than 15 years of hands-on research and development by Michael Uriarte D.C.

  • Alleviates pain
  • Restores movement and function
  • Improves posture
  The real beauty of the Myokinesthetic System is, its simple and it works quickly.
You should see results almost immediately from just one 20- 30 minute session.
The Myokinesthetic System is a relatively new soft tissue treatment that specifically treats the nervous system. It is geared to impact the nervous system in a specific way. This system is not Chiropractic. At no time do we manipulate or “pop” bones.  Instead, we go to work on the muscles. We stimulate each muscle along one nerve pathway. You don’t have to get undressed and there are NO oils or creams, it only takes about 20-30 minutes and is customized to your specific complaint.  

Cost is $45 per session

Call Donald on 479-283-4058 to book your Appointment.

Dr. Carrie Rye, LPC; PHD

Mental Health Services, Counseling

Carrie Rye, PhD has over 20 years experience working with individuals of all ages to support growth and developments that lead to optimal functioning in all areas of life.

Dr. Rye is a Licensed Professional Counselor;

Her training has allowed her to synthesize information and experience as a professional counselor to not only encourage healthy growth and development but to work with clients to move toward their individual potential in all areas of life. Individual therapy for all ages, parent coaching to assist parents with behavioral and developmental concerns, training for organizations on a variety of topics.   Dr. Rye has provided training and consulting around the nation to assist with professional development, maintaining quality standards while working with children, and with schools to assist students with various learning differences. Dr. Rye is able to create a comfortable experience with real life focus that allows people to explore issues such as parenting, relationship problems, academics concerns, and life satisfaction. She focuses on the strengths of individuals and then provides support as people make change in their families and lives.

Services include:

Individual Therapy – All Ages

Group Therapy – Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults Parent Coaching – Training and Consultation

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